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Anonymous asked: Salam Brother! I have a question for you! I know the Western idea of dating is wrong, but I was told you may go out with a potential candidate for marriage as long as there is a male Mahram attending these "dates" with them. Kind of like a chaperone. I was told this should be done because it allows each party to honestly know each other in a Halal way. Please give me your opinion, and thank you for a wonderful blog :)


As you know dating is haram, but you can go out and see someone for your partner in life as long you are not alone with him/her. If the person you want to see is with someone which is her/his Mahram, that is not haram to see him and talk about your future and what you would want :) based in Hadith, if you really need the hadith i might find it in English :)

i hope you will understand what i said :)

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Anonymous asked: We are Muslims and we dont do bad things. We want to engage,and have our marriage in Kosovo. It doesnt matter where. Im 17 right now thats pretty young. A lot of people thinks that Turkish people arent muslims or like serbian people but thats not so. Thanks for your advice :)

Well if you dont do bad things then dating is not good thing either anyway even some people are musl practicing even they do “bad things” i know that from some people i know here i dont jughe anyone here. No one is perfect anyway expect Allah (swt)
You are welcome

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Anonymous asked: My boyfriend is a Kosovar. And im Greek/Turkish. Thats the way i asked why. I learn the Albanian language,it is similar to Turkish but not to Greek. Faleminderit for your reaction !

Ohh really ? I hope you guys are happy. Want a free advice ?
If he ask you for…you know…(18+) then tell him that you want to meet his family and you want yo be his “nuse” then he can have it and see his reactions.

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Anonymous asked: Do you like Enver Hoxha Do you Albanians like Greeks or Turks.

I dont like Enver Hoxha. When he was alive he didn’t let his people to fast or pray salah (to practice Islam) so i dont like him (even he is dead now). And Albanians like greeks and Turks too but we like more Turks cause they helped us a lot and they are muslims too and they like us too so yeah :)

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Anonymous asked: Shouldn't you be sleeping? Isn't it late over where you are...

Yeah i am at work and bored i dont feel sleepy now :/ (i can sleep at work lol)

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Anonymous asked: You're a father?

No. I am not married or something. But if you ask cause you saw my pics with a little girl, thats my niece :)

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Anonymous asked: Would you marry a girl without a headscarf ?

If i love her yes why not. You know there are some girls who are better then some hijabis (based on what people told me and i didn’t believe till i saw).

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Anonymous asked: I don't mean to be rude but on bio you wrote that no nude pics or you'll unfollow don't you think that one the pics you posted is nude

Nope this is not rude and yeah i said in my blog if you reblog nudes i will unfollow you. But with this i meant when some blogs reblog porn gif and nude girls/boys. This iraqi pic is not nude to entertain your feelings, i reblog that to see who’s the real terrorist and what US forces do to muslim people. I reblogged with broken heart, not to enjoy people seeing him “naked”.

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